Fine Art Tiles

Aivazovsky,I .K.
Alma Tadema, Sir Lawrence
Anderson, Percy
Bearman, Peter
Bombled, Louis
Bonamy, A. J.
Bouguereau , William Adolphe
Brett, John
Cezanne, Paul
Choultse, I. V
Cooper, W Savage
Debut, Jeanne
Evelyn De Morgan
Firmin-Girard, M
Fournier, A. V.
French School
Gabrini, Pietro
Glover , A.N.
Gogh, Vincent van
Goodwin, Albert
Haeselich, J. G.
Harrison, L. B
Herring, J.F.Jnr
Horwitz, Helena
Ibbetson, J. C
Inchbold, J. W
James, David
Jesse, John
Manet, Edouard
Monet, Claude
Moore, Barlow
Pether, Henry
Poynter ,Sir E.J.
Renoir, Pierre A
Robertson, Charles
Rossetti Dante Gabriel
Sandby, Paul
Turner of Oxford
Vernet, Claude J
Vernet, Pierre
Watson, Walter J
Webb, James
Wright of Derby,J
Wubbels, Jan
Wutky, Michael
Wyllie, C.W
Wyllie, W. L
Zeim, Felix
Welcome to Fine Art Tiles

Buy FAMOUS ART on Ceramic Tiles.

Choose your favourite picture and have it reproduced onto ceramic tiles as a wall mural.

Suitable for any interior wall, Transform your Kitchen, Bathroom or Dining room, Bedroom or any wall.

Fine Art Tiles offer permanent photo-real reproductions on Ceramic Tiles of the works of the PRE-RAPHAELITES, IMPRESSIONISTS, POST IMPRESSIONISTS, ACADEMICS, VICTORIAN, AMERICAN, GERMAN, FRENCH and DUTCH, ART NOUVEAU & CONTEMPORARY artists and from your photographs.

Click on the one of the artists listed down the side of the page to go to a representative selection of their paintings. Or email us with the details of the picture you want.

Popular Murals

The Traffic Problem in Paris, Jesse, John

Ponte Vecchio, Florence (oil on canvas), Holman-Hunt,W.

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